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Card Priestess Masami Quest 45

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"Okay!" Kaori leaps from her seat. "If I can meet with him today, then that's exactly what I'm going to do!"

"Ah? Where you going!?" I yell back at her.
"To get ready! I can get there within an hour or so if I hurry!"
"But-! Wait!"

I am Itsukuma Masami, and today my sister has decided to go someplace dangerous by herself with no one accompanying her. All with the goal of meeting her father, who is a shiftless man to begin with.
Also, she insists on being completely alone when she meets him.

I wonder if this is what a normal sister is like.

"Kaori! Wait!", but it's too late, she already ran into our room and slammed the door behind her.
"I'm just saying- Shouldn't we wait and find out a little more about this!? This seems very sketchy!"

She shouts from the other side of the door, "There's no time! It'll take me an hour to get there as I am right now!"
"But- Wait!"

With that, she flings the door open. Revealing that she's completely changed into her school uniform in the span of only a few seconds. With a skip, she nearly runs me over as she darts to the front door and flings it open.

"Wait!" Mom yells behind her, but Kaori has already left by then.

"Hmph." I pout, "Well, if Kaori thinks she can get there in an hour, I can get there in less than two minutes!"
Mom and the monster, who hasn't excused himself yet, seem a little shocked by my defiance.
"Masami, she said she didn't want anyone following her"
"I'm not following her! I'm just going the same place she's going!"
Yes. Perfect.

"Masami, wait." Mom says with seriousness in her voice.

>No time! See you later Mom!
>Okay, but make it quick!