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191KiB, 1000x700, She has used this phrase when people come to her with questions about you. It's probably for the best you don't ask many details..png
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Strikers '89 Quest

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So much for starting early, I guess, haha.

That said, I'm thinking of doing a second run, maybe Saturday evening? What do you guys think? One a week is manageable easily, two a week should still be, though IDK if that would eat into other time I use for writing.

anyway. archive here:


Mav's got a habit of talking around a mouthful of food. You'd be irritated, but you've long since grown accustomed to it.

“Sho what 'bout Katya anyway?” She says, her words muffled by the mouthful of burger she's got. “She's pretty hot.”

“Yeah, and I pissed her off a while ago. She's been kind of distant ever since cali, not counting our trip to Paris.” You respond, having finished your food a while ago.

She swallows, then shrugs. “Yeah, but if gay ol pariee didn't make her at least want to act closer to ya, she's got no soul.” She says. “Hell, I'd have been putting on pretty dresses and shit and acting like I was smitten with ya there.”

You laugh and she throws a tater tot at you.

“I'm serious!” She says. “It's that city, man.”

“Something in the air, no doubt.” You say.

She shrugs again. “Maybe, who knows? Maybe she just decided she was coming on too strong and decided to back off?”

“Or maybe she was operating with an image of me that was wrong all along?” You say, remembering she'd said almost as much at Barin.

“Yeah, possibly. Not that a lot of girls aren't.”

You quirk an eyebrow at her, and she laughs.