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I'm putting together a session on some of Tau fringe worlds for RT, but my grounding on Tau lore is a lot shakier than I want it to be and most of the official stuff seems rather unhelpful. Hence the thread.

So, uh, to start with:

>How diverse are the border worlds between Tau and the Empire? Would you expect a fair mix of Tau, Humans, and xenos? Sort of like a Trading station, but more civilian?

>Are there corporations and such on Tau worlds? It's not 100% communist state owns everything right?

>What are some general guides for the castes, like which ones the players would run into and how they look/act.

>What level of armament would you expect from the police force on a world like this, I'm under the impression that typical fire-warrior armament is rather expensive.

>Outside of the fap-fics are there female Tau. I know this will come up and want some firm footing to argue with the players.