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Status Quo Quest

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For all of recorded history, mankind and the Races of Light have stood opposed to the Demon Lords, as they periodically lead grand hordes into civilized lands, burning and ravaging until a lone hero (and, of course, their many allies - but who cares about them?) finally sacrifices his life in battle, slaying the Demon Lord and returning peace to the land - for a time.

This is your fate - your Destiny, with all that that capital 'D' there signifies.

You are the Hero.

Which is, you know, okay, you guess. You're not entirely sure about the whole 'sacrificing your life' thing, but someone does need to stop the Demon Lord, and you're pretty much guaranteed to ...at least not lose, which is good enough, at least for humankind.

The orcs and goblins, though, they get a pretty raw deal, the way you see it. No-one's looking out for them - the Demon Lords just enslave them, and humans slaughter them.

Well, what can you do though? It's not like you can just go assassinate the Demon Lord before the war, and head everything off to begin with...



And so here you are! Just out of sight of the Dark Citadel, deep in the Darklands. They seem to name everything on this side of the mountains after the darkness, but the days are just as bright over here as over there, as far as you can tell.

You've got your trusty...


By your side, and you came here...

>At the head of a group of likeminded adventurers
>With your faithful companion

So everything will work out perfectly!
You've got a good feeling about this!