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Abyssal Thread 2: World-building in the deep sea

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Hey, everybody! Abyss-anon here.
The last thread turned out to be very popular, so I though I'd do a sequel.
Now, in the first thread I mostly just posted horrifying creatures from the deep sea, so for the follow up I thought we could think of ways to use the stuff we learned in our games.

It's true that you average campaign probably doesn't involve going several kilometers underwater, but as we saw there is a lot of cool and scary stuff out there, which could make an interesting campaign. So I'll be going over some idea I came up with, or picked up from the last thered. Feel free to post your own, as well as post pictures of cool sea monsters and the like. My image folder seems to be limited to actual animals (which are plenty monstrous enough) and monstergirls, it seems.