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Strikers '89 Quest

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Sorry about the late start- had to head over to the parent's house to pick up some more stuff. Mostly my beer and some chili. mmm, chili.

So, let's see... news. nothing really, so that's good.

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If you have to sit through one more briefing, you think you might just explode. First, it was a travel and personal security briefing in Cannes- shit you're already used to and well versed in. Besides, you don't think the content has ever changed in the couple of years you've been in. The only difference you can think of was that you actually had to pay attention to the travel with dependents part of it, and even then, only passingly. The whole thing was designed for guys in Europe on leave with their families- not people like you, headed to the states.

You flew back on an air force C-20, one normally used for VIP transport. Nobody else boarded the jet- it'd been sent specifically for you. Of course, you had to sit through the usual safety briefing as it rolled away from it's spot on the tarmac at Mandelieu and took off, heading for Andrews AFB in Maryland.

You didn't even get off the plane on the base- a new crew took over from the old one, and you waited as the jet refueled on the pad and took off again, chasing the sun west before finally setting down at NAS Halsey field, on north island. Practically home for you.

Not that you got to spend any time at your apartment- instead, you were ushered off the aircraft and into a waiting staff car, driving a short distance to the University hospital in hillcrest, where you finally were able to stretch your legs- for about ten minutes, or the time it took to walk to a secured part of the building where you met the doctors in charge of all of this.