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Strikers '89 Quest

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So, let's see, news.

Nothing really, haha. might be a bit of a long run tonight, but we'll see. not like i have to go in till 1500 tomorrow anyway, haha.

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“You know, you're doing pretty good!” Laika says from her seat in back. You can- somewhat disturbingly- feel it through the VNDI link too. She's this little knot of thoughts and feelings somewhere in the back of your head, distinct but unreadable. You can't tell if it's getting more or less defined- you don't remember it from your first couple flights, yesterday and this morning, but you were pretty busy for both of them, re-learning how to think as a pilot.

It kind of disturbs you, to some extent, and you've made efforts to limit it or cut it off- you're not sure if she has either, or if she's even aware of it, and you don't know if it's working, but you kind of hope it is.
You don't respond, instead working around the pylon turns again- you're not exactly re-learning basic flight, but it feels like it. You'd done just the very basic familiarization stuff yesterday, taking four flights to do so, finally finishing by handling a landing. You'd come down a bit faster and a bit harder than you wanted to, but you got the skyfox on the ground without damage, so you'll take it as a win.

You've been focusing on more advanced acrobatics today, re-learning the all combat maneuvers, though you're able to do so quickly. You're anxious to do so in a Wyvern, though neither of the ones on the base are equipped for VDNI flight. They technically belong to VX-4, the 'playboys', China Lake's resident squadron. They handle most of the weapons and equipment testing at the base, and operate at least one of everything in the navy. You've kept careful count of the Wyverns- there were two yesterday, there's three today, and now, there's another landing ahead of you.