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Card Priestess Masami Quest 57

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The principal steps out of his car. The doors open behind him and several others step out. All them look ready for a fight.

Ryouta and Maeda are the first to exit. Shortly followed by Aiko, and behind her-

And behind her, still not moving from his seat, is Ken'ichi. He looks like he's fallen asleep.

I am Itsukuma Masami, today everything is falling apart as the monsters under the Chairman's control have broken loose. They're now fighting amongst each other, and the only reason they haven't turned their attention to the town is because of their lust for combat.

Which isn't good, because their numbers dwindle by the second. Right now the main brunt of them decided to invade Fortune HQ, and I would be happy with letting them have the place, but it's not going to last forever.

There's still hope! I have a ring the Chairman dropped that can apparently put them back in line. Mom wanted me to give it to Asai, who is a scary jerk that would probably LOVE nothing more than to control all those monsters. I came up with a better plan thanks to Kaori and left Mom in the care of someone we trust. After that, we left Fortune to enact our battle strategy.

"Why did you want us here?" Ryouta says, looking at the scenery and Fortune's HQ in the distance. "Shouldn't we be over there?"

"Everyone!" Kaori raises her voice, "We're not going to Fortune today. We're here to stop it at it's source."

In the distance is the mansion where Kaori and the Chairman used to live. There aren't many monsters around it, they seem to have left for Fortune. But I can clearly see several silhouettes perched on the rooftops, as if they're waiting for me.

>Select your party:
>>Should everyone go with you? Adults only?
>>Maybe just Kaori and I, let everyone else be on watch?
>>Nope! Everyone inside! Don't split the group!
>>Also wake up Ken, he's going with us.

>Let's go!
>Wait, Kaori, shouldn't we wait on the person you called?
>M-Maybe this was a bad idea.