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/tg/ a member of by group just responded to my text about events concerning meta game elements of our campaign by saying:

"It's one in the morning. You know I have to work tomorrow right?"

Myself as well as I the rest of the group in the group chat responded within the next 30 seconds:

"LOL [name redacted] can't into etiquette. He is inconveniencing the group by responding hostilely to a text at an hour we (all being at lease 15 years younger than him) find normal to text at and expect relatively prompt responses at".

ITT: Times your RPG group had significantly older people in them.

I'm not just baiting for negative responses, TBH I would never have been able to get into /tg/ if there was not an active community of older rpg players and wargamers in my area. However I've been at this for a decade now myself and a lot of the people I met getting into these hobbies are really starting to show their age in annoying ways. This is made even worse by the fact often they feel they are somehow being wronged when the entire group feels it is the opposite situation due to values dissonance between Gen X'ers and Millennials.