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Magical Girl Noir Quest

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You decide to continue updating your journal in silence. Whatever your dolls are talking about, it's probably just some harmless gossip you can safely ignore. Besides, you're still not sure what they're all about in the first place, and if whatever intel they can give you can actually be believed.

Still, you can't help but hear some of them.

"The White Seer will make her move against the Golden One soon...!"

"The Blood Knight needs to be set free so she can spread her wings, and maybe work off a few pounds to fit into her armor of golden fire!"

"The Blessed Lady's really pissed, isn't she? She really needs to get laid soon--"

"Ugh, someone fucking tell the good-for-nothing to take a fucking shower already, she smells like crispy-fried souls! Yech!"

Just as you look up to snap at the particular grinning doll who came up with that last zinger - namely WARUKUCHI - it's here that the doors to your Silent Room grind themselves open again, the huge metal barriers folding back on ponderous metallic cranks. And what they reveal as they slide apart is a sight for sore eyes - it's your Equerry, Sayaka, with your beloved chair hefted on one shoulder and what looks like a grocery bag full of supplies hanging from a free hand.

"The First Knight comes!" One of your dolls, you don't catch who, shrieks. "HUSTLE! Don't let her see you!"