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Status Quo Quest Thread 7

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"...What kind of news?" Zviadi asks, with a sigh, not about to wait for you to get the hint.

"Lady Separ asked about you!" You inform him, brightly. "She seemed glad you were okay." He blinks, before running a hand through his hair.

"...Okay, I'm going to need a little more context here." The devil admits, a little oddly, as though for some reason he was having trouble processing what you just said. "Lady Separ? She actually asked about me? ...You spoke with her?"

"By name!" You confirm, with a nod, and he doesn't seem to know how to take that. "And yeah, we had a chat after she finished sinking a ship and blowing up buildings." Zviadi just stares at you blankly.

"...She was what?" He asks, a little dully.

"Oh, she was just blockading the city in retaliation for the attack on you. Pretty sure she's also the one who killed the Rector, in the end - having a palace explode tends to be slightly lethal for people inside." You explain.

"This isn't helping." He complains, tapping the book in his lap agitatedly. "Start from the beginning, please."

"Four thousand years ago, there was only primordial chaos..." The devil interrupts you almost immediately.

"You're fucking with me." It's the first time you've heard him curse. You're kind of proud.

"Just a bit." You take a seat under the tree with him. "Let me explain..."

You explain it to him, this time being less deliberately obtuse, and then the two of you chat for a while, about less important things. But, well... You can't just sit around all day, and you're out of things to talk about, really. You lever yourself to your feet, brushing the dirt off of your pants.

"Well..." Zviadi waves you off.

"Yes, yes." He says. "Things to do."