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There has been some awesome news lately, so time for a KD:M General

>Gencon 2015 demo with TechRaptor

>Gencon 2015 floor demo

>Interview with Adam Poots

>Tablet friendly Character Sheet, created by a KD:M Developer
This one is actually a prototype. Not supposed to have a public release yet. It doesn't work as well on PC because its meant for tablets, but you can increase/decrease your stats by clicking and dragging up or down on it.
Major News:
Shipping will happen in 3 waves.
Wave 1 is the promos and pinups, and will start shipping 2 days after gencon ends.
Wave 2 is the core game + Survivor pledge bonuses, and will be shipping once it gets through customs, probably late next month.
Wave 3 is the expansions and will ship once all the core games are sent out.