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Warhammer 50K idea

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Right, so, I'm supposed to be GM'ing a game in a week. Me and everyone voted, decided to go with 'Warhammer 50K'.

Anyways, instead of going down the 'uber grimdark age of ashes' route, I wanted to do something a bit less bleak(In part due to my inability to write actually grimdark_. So, I came up with a sort of 'age of heroes' kinda thing, and I want /tg/ to look it over. Here's the first part, dealing with the emperors death:

"The Death of the God Emperor was a event of which we know little. It began with the astronomicon flickering, then failing, plunging the Imperium into chaos, as Daemons ran about, unchecked. Many thought it was the end of days.

Then, in the warp, he was reborn, in all his firey greatness. A great light surrounded him, purging daemons from the warp and even scarring the dark gods, who banded together to destroy him.

However, they were unable to destroy him. The best they could manage was trapping him as they were trapped, unable to manifest his might directly in the materium, forcing him to rely on proxies and psychic constructs."

Basically, Emps dies, gets reborn in the warp, proceeds to duke it out with the Chaos Gods, they stalemate, Emps gets trapped in the Warp, forced to act through 'daemons' and people he's chosen to act as his champions in the materium.

Next up, the Eldar or Tau. Either or.