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Will this destroy my game?

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Alright, so I have this idea I'll give the long version and short version

Long version:
I want to give my players the ability to create 1-2 different characters that they'd like to play. They start a guild, an adventuring guild. The purpose is so they can play different characters based on what they feel like or depending on the situation. So the player to choose one of three characters to play, all part of this guild. The rules would be obvious. No trading items, unlesd special circumstances. Gold is never shared between personal characters. You play your character for 1 month of in-game time before you get the chance to switch. Inactive characters gain a set amount of xp and gold which is their "off-camera" quests and junk.

Gold my be donated to the guild hall to get upgrades. (Personal amory, smith, potion maker, etc) But those are benchmarks and will be expensive.

Short version:
I'd like my players to be able to play 1 character, but be able to select from 3 they've also created.

They are part of a guild.