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Strikers '89 Quest

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So this is it! Haha. Been a long, long run.

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"Jesus that thing's big..." You hiss, looking at the massive shape of the shield. You don't vocalize your thoughts on how stupid a name that is, however fitting, even if it is just a reporting name. It's turning inbound, which somehow strikes you as comical- that thing's got to be the size of a decent cruiser, and it's in the merge with you.

It stops being comical when Merlin calls a warning at the same time as your automated threat detection gear. "Frank, we're painted!" She yells, indicating a fire-control radar has your big fighter on it's screens.

"Break Break!" You order, slamming the fenrir into a hard right turn, launching decoys to try and throw off the radar.

"Frank it's firing!" Merlin calls- you feel the shockwave of several massive shells punching through the air behind you, the monster's tracking systems struggling to match your fighter's turn.

"Jesus." You hiss, leveling out just at treetop level, still approaching- you're just over a hundred and ten miles out, and it only barely missed you. "Everyone still here?"

"Two." Wendy responds, like any good wingmate.

"We are several miles to your north, my love, but we are unharmed." Konstantina answers, a second later. "How do you wish us to attack?"

[] We'll go in high, you go in low, try and confuse it.
[] We'll come up from below, you see if you can't dive on it.
[] We'll all hit it from above, keep our energy up
[] We'll all come up from below, it shouldn't be as well defended on the underside


{} We'll see about knocking out some of it's weapons, you focus on knocking out it's engines.
{} Take out it's guns, we'll go after it's engines