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Space Monkeys Quest 43

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You can hear Gohan screaming for his father, but this green bug... thing, it's all you have eyes for, as it treads it's way out of the wreckage of the Son house.

"You wanna know how I got that time machine of mine?" It asks, it's power increasing exponentially, it's limbs thickening as a shockwave pushes you back a few feet, the ground cracking underfoot.

It flexes it's tail, the tip gleaming with still wet blood. "If it's any consolation, she was delicious. I drank your kid." It's mouth opens in a mockery of a grin, it's tongue darting out over it's lips. "Drank her right up."

It cackles as Gohan rushes at the creature, a savage snarl ripping from his throat, but it just catches both his fists and squeezes, you can here the bones in the boys hands groaning and cracking under the pressure.

Gohan screams, as Cell tosses him aside.. all the power and fury of a Super Saiyan... and he shrugged it off like it was nothing. You can feel your blood pumping, hot anger pumping in your veins.

>This thing killed Bra. It dies. NOW!
>Take Goku's body and run!
>Control yourself, ask it (Write in)