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Card Priestess Masami Quest 102

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Haruko and I strain to try lifting Julie off the ground with our flight-powers.
"HRRG- Okay! Stop!"

We both land, then we stare at one another.

"Julie! You're heavy!"
"I'm not heavy! You're weak!"

"Enough!" I slap my hands onto my knees. "This isn't getting us anywhere! We need to think of something different!"
"Maybe Julie should eat a salad..." Haruko pouts.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today's the day. The day that I finally face my father and restore peace to my life.
So far, it hasn't been dangerous, just.. really annoying. It's hard to explain.
The dangerous part seems to be the next challenge I'll have to face. On the horizon, a stone giant is being magically assembled from concrete and rebar. I'm not an expert on weapons or fighting, but I think Asai is going to bring that thing to life and use it to terrorize the town.

Knowing him, he'll probably get inside of it and pretend to be piloting it like a big hero. What a jerk.

First problem is finding him. We checked his company, Fortune HQ. Nothing here except a clown that wanted to kill me. She's in a kind of time-out right now, where I'll probably leave her for a while until she stops being evil.
Still no sign of HIM, though. He's the most important thing in this whole plan. If I can find him, maybe I can convert him into a human and stop this rampage once and for all.

I hope.

Right now, we're trying to see if Asai is anywhere near the parameter, but it's held up by one problem.
"Julie, why didn't you tell us you couldn't fly?"
"I thought you knew!"

I interrupt Haruko's giggling with some scolding of her own.
"And Haruko! Don't make fun of your sister like that! If she can't fly, that's not her fault!"
"So now what?" Julie says, rather dejected.

>We wait for Kaori, she's on her way.
>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies
>I'll go scout, you two wait.
>Julie, hide. We'll be right back