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Does /tg/ do giveaways?

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I'm bored at the slowest week of pointless work and I am possessed by the giving spirit and want to do a giveaway. However, I don't know if /tg/ does giveaways, and if we do, I don't know how to do them.

Here are some rules I'm making up, but check the first few replies for amended rules if something doesn't end up working.

>I will ask for a D100 roll - don't be a dick and pretend to be me asking for a roll
>When asking for a roll, I'll say what number I'm looking for
>When asking for a roll, I'll say what the gift card amount is
>When rolling, include your email attached to Amazon in the body of the reply
>It MUST BE in the body of the dice roll reply
>First one to roll the number is winrar
>Will send gift card to email, please use it to buy something /tg/ related (though I'll never know, so whatev)

Sound good? I'll ask for a roll in 10 minutes or so, if this is not proper form, let me know before the roll request