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Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest 66

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You are Urist Twelfthbay. You are the moe personification of Dwarf Fortress. Ever since you were spawned in some goddess-forsaken corner of Gamindustri, you were painfully aware that those words should not be anywhere near each other. Still, that's the hand you were dealt, so you really had no choice but to make the best of it.

... of course, that was back when you weren't caught up in heaps of bullshit taller than any dwarf should ever have to deal with.

'But Urist,' a discerning reader might say. 'Surely you're exaggerating! You're just a simple dwarven adventurer finding her fortune like every other moe personification out there! Your life can't possibly be THAT insane!'

Yeah, well, if anyone ever bucked up and said that to you in real life, you'd just point them toward Histoire, the goddessly middle management of Gamindustri who's normally calm, composed, and as professional as a voice-controlled computerized smartphone assistant.

Because right now, she's looking upon the fruits of your labors and having a slight existential crisis and/or panic attack.

=What,= Histoire says weakly, her Key Fragments swiveling to stare at Blanc. The goddess of all things Nintendo continues hovering protectively over mini-Nep, favoring Histoire with a wary stare of her own.

=For what reason,= Histoire stammers, looking back down at the mini-Nep- the goddess you'd crafted from thin air is still playing with her toy mini-forge. The long-haired Nep-something appears to be forging tiny accessories for her crude toy robot, and is wholly engrossed in her work.