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>You are Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus, the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. Through force of will of your predecessors you've inherited a vast empire of unified faith. Your treasury overflows with gold and silver and the enemies of the empire cower and flee at the sight of your vast legions.

>Yet, at the same time that the east has prospered, the west has declined. Waves of barbarians attacked the western empire from without and religious upheaval between Christians and Pagans weakened the empire from within. For more than forty years now the western empire existed in name only. Now ruled by barbarians the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy promoted a policy of religious heterogamy and integration between the Italian Romans and the Goths. Becoming bolder over the years, the new Gothic king, Theodahad have just executed Amalasuntha, the pro-Roman queen of the Ostrogoths and long time ally of yours in the west.

>The entire Roman world is outraged and your greatest general, Belisarius, conqueror of Africa request your permission to launch an immediate invasion against Italy. At the same time emissaries from Theodahad has arrived in the capital pleading renewed loyalty to Constantinople and to you.

What do you do?