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What is better than bravery

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The barbarians hold Bravery up as the greatest virtue of their warriors, and it is to be conceded that Bravery is useful and has it's place. However it's only the start. A force of warrior with only bravery is only a mob of crazy guys who charges screaming at the foe swinging widely even as they are cut down.

There is something greater than bravery. The ability, at a moments notice to gather up into neat lines, lock shields and not charge, but march with hundreds of feet rising and falling as one. To advance at the foes steadily and unflinchingly. If one falls his fellows move to fill the gap. Such a force weathers their slings and arrows and against their formation the enemies charges crash and break against them like waves unto boulders as they advance. Each man keeping his brothers in arms safe while being shielded in turn as they level anyone who stands in their path.

What is better than bravery? DISCIPLINE.