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You walk Willie all the way to your apartment, hand on her shoulder.

The small girl doesn't dispel her Outfit for the whole trip, huddling against your side as her tear-blurred eyes dart towards every shadow - not that there are many; the base's sidewalks are fairly well-lit in this area. Despite her flesh having the solid coolness of steel, the feel of her small shoulder shivering under your hand belies her nominal strength.

Just girls, sometimes. In bed, alone in the dark - they're every bit as fragile as a human.

Maybe more so.

Willie is still sniffling by the time you unlock your apartment door and step inside, but she's regained enough presence of mind to pull her cap off her head. Her Outfit seems to fade from view even as you watch, leaving nothing but a small girl looking around your darkened apartment warily, nervously twisting her sailor's cap in her hands. Without a word, you pull out the folding bed hidden in the couch, then start fitting it with spare sheets you find in the apartment's sole closet. There aren't any spare pillows, so you take both of your own and toss them onto the fold-out; if a few years of sleeping sitting in Higgin's captain's chair didn't put a permanent crick in your neck, a single night resting your head on some folded pants won't even register.