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Card Priestess Masami Quest 123

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In the background, Maeda gasps sharply as Kaori tells her something which Kaori wanted to remain private from the rest of her family.

Even then, this does not stop the rest of her family from gossiping about her. My head slowly turns to Julie and Haruko, both of them with stupid grins on their faces.

"It's a boy."
"It's Ryouta!"

I'm going to have a terrible time covering up the rumors my sisters are making.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
My life is pretty peaceful right now!
At least, it is for the moment. The worry and fears about monsters and magic are now replaced with the worries of everyday life. Such as the possibility that my sister may have a boyfriend.

No! What am I saying? If Kaori had a boyfriend; I'm the first one she would tell!

This doesn't look good; I know. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for it!
I just got to make sure these two here don't craft wild stories.

Speaking of which, their stories are getting wilder and craftier.

"Maybe-" Julie whispers in her twin's ear well above her whisper voice. "Maybe Kaori is already with a boy, and she's been keeping it a secret."
"Ooh! And she's been seeing him late at night; When Masami is snoring!"

"I don't snore!"
"The world would end and she wouldn't notice!"

Wait, who is teasing who here?!

"Stop it you two, Kaori is not seeing a boy. You're making mean things up about her behind her back just because she wants to have a secret."

They blink at me.
"Why would she want to hide a secret from us?"

"She just might, okay? It's not your job to know all of her secrets."

Behind me, again, Maeda happily grabs Kaori's hands and giggles.
There's that dumb grin from these two again.

"Masami, why are you so against Kaori having a boyfriend?"
"Yeah! We should be encouraging her!"

>"It's just not right, okay?!"
>"Because we don't know that!"
>"Why should we encourage her?!"
>"He's probably a no-good snake, looking to charm her."
>"Boys are icky."