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Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest 74

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You are Urist Twelfthbay, and you are the moe personification of Dwarf Fortress. You are on the phone with the moe personification of Mega Man, the moe personification of Dragon Quest, and the goddess of all things Xbox. You are standing outside the room of the two goddesses of all things Sega, since they are playing the off-label video games of their constituents.

This is exactly why you just call everyone by their damn names. It's moe personifications all the way down.

Here in Gamindustri, moe personifications are a dime a dozen, but most everyone else has adapted to the whole cutesy anime bullshit better than you ever will (or would ever care to). While you're just a short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry who happens to look like a beardless waif, the world is packed full of syrupy-sweet girls with big glittery eyes and voices like gelded cats.

... not that there's anything wrong with that, since you call a whole bunch of them your friends.

You manage to extricate yourself from your four-way phone call with Estelle, Rokko, and Vert- though not without some difficulty. Not that you can blame them for freaking out; you only gave them the extremely short version of your trials thus far- your time in the hyperdimensional void and your time spent inhabiting Neptune's big dumb body- and it DOES sound pretty fucked up.

You decide not to mention how you accidentally created a new goddess out of whole cloth. There's really no good way to describe that without raising more questions, all of them terminally embarrassing.