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*Want to use Mutants & Masterminds' exact rules in a fantasy setting?
*Think that Mutants & Masterminds switching to 3d6 or some other dice system is a great idea?

*Hate Pathfinder in general?
*Don't like the way Exalted tries to do "bronze age heroism, fantasy superheroes, improving a dark world" but screws up the rules for it?
*Don't like the grognardy OSR way that Godbound does "bronze age heroism, fantasy superheroes, improving a dark world"?
*Too lazy to pick up and learn all of GURPS and its point buy?
*Think Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Worlds in Peril are too wishy-washy rules-litey for you?
*Don't like the way Strike! splits characters up between non-combat and 4e combat builds with "roles" and "powers"?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, maybe you'll like Dreamscarred Press's Dawnborn!

You can find the initial playtest packet here: http://dreamscarred.com/dawnborn/

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