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How did Hive Fleet Leviathan Fall?

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In 8e (and the Xenos 2 Index) it talks specifically about how Hive Fleet Leviathan fell after almost devouring the Blood Angels and their successors on Baal (only to be saved by Deus ex Ka'Bandha and Deus ex Guilliman).

Except there was still more than enough Tyranids playing 'who's the better meatgrinder?' with the Orks on Octarius when the Blood Crusade showed up and dived into the middle of that century long slaughterfest that the Blood Crusade's momentum was brought to a standstill from getting caught in the middle of that warzone (deliberately mind you. These are Khornates we're talking about), the second time the Blood Crusade 'met its match' in its galaxy wide destruction spree.

If Leviathan has 'fallen', then what the fuck is going on over in Octarius? Did the largest Hive Fleet to arrive in the galaxy just focus most of its resources on Octarius/Octaria and Baal over 100 years and burn up all its resources as a result?