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Field Kit Inspection: Ecclesiastical Sheep Edition

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Form up, men! Backs straight, arms at your side!

Men! As you are all likely aware, tonight is movie night. I had even managed to get my hands on the new action Pict, "Try Hard 19: You tried your hardest!". Thankfully, instead of wasting your time watching a stupid action movie, you're all going to live it! As I have just been informed during a meeting with Divisional command, that we are to be joining the coming battle to retake the planetary capital city of the planet Dracolese.

But, before be begin what will be a most assuredly bloody, yet glorious task, that will cost innumerable lives! I am calling for a surprise field kit inspection, to assure myself, that each and everyone of you, is ready to stand atop the graves of each of these foul traitors, and piss upon their graves!

As such, all hands, present arms and equipment for a Field Kit Inspection.

>Welcome to ''Field Kit Inspection", home of the 'Unknown Regiment". Feel free to join in! Remember though, we tend to use spoilers for OOC chat, while greentexts for are used for describing a character's actions. D20s are for combat checks and d100s for other things you wish to roll, with higher being better.