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Players asking for it stories.

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Stories where your players practically invited death.

>players challenge an NPC to russian roulette
>NPC is supposed to be more than a bit insane with a god complex, and a gambling addict, the players don't know that
>the players try and rile him up
>he shouts at the players "You call me a coward and yet stand there as the fearful. I am no coward. Luck is always on my side for I am the chosen of fate."
>picks up the gun and holds it to his temple.
>say he pulls the trigger three times
>I secretly roll what chamber the bullet is in (it was the 5th)
>players call bullshit and get pissed when he doesn't get shot in the head
>tell him it was literally a coin flip chance
>NPC puts down the gun "Are you as favored as I?"
>players want to wave their big dicks around, one of the PCs grabs the gun
>I roll secretly what chamber the bullet is in (roll a 1)
>player pulls the trigger and shoots himself in the head, falls over dead
>NPC just starts to laugh because to him this is just confirmation of what he's been saying.
>players get royally pissed

They're the ones who challenged him to russian roulette. I don't even feel bad.