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Nechronica PDF Release

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Happy Halloween! This is our first release of the Nechronica PDF from the Miraheze translation team. I know it looks rough right now, but we plan to continuously work on it until it's perfect. In the future, we'll also be working hard on translating all available Nechronica supplements. For the time being, though, everything necessary to play is here; rules with errata integrated, character creation, setting information, and even two ready-to-play scenarios fully translated! There's not much more to say, so download it and take a look! Feel free to give any feedback that you have. Also, Nechronica General.

Our translation project's wiki page: https://nechronica.miraheze.org
Updated versions of the PDF will always be posted on our wiki, at the very least. If we deem a release significant enough, we will also make a thread here.