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>Be an adventuring party
>Hear children are disappearing from Sweet creek village
>Travel to Sweet creek
>Run-down hovels, drunk miners, knife fights, rampaging diesease of ... carnal origins, whores, beggars and slightly deranged town fools
>very few children
>Find Mayor, sleeziest fuck around. Surrounded by not-mafia
>He cries and bawls over "lost children"
>Go and explore
>A few days and a few homicides in self-defence in town later
>Come upon a hermit in High peaks, a few days walk from Sweet creek
>Nice guy, kind
>Our nosy Rogue finds some of the kids hiding in a barn
>Turns out pretty much all kids are here
>He took them
>He is a hermit, because he is infected by incurable lycantropy
>He is lonely
>Villagers treated kids like shit (kids admit to this, no one wants to leave "Home")
>Hermit departs a few days before each Moon in order to take wereform somewhere far, not harming anyone
>He is well stocked, having a few thousand goldipeces left from adventuring days. He can raise the kids
>Kids seem really happy

Wat do?