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One Piece RPG /opr/

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Waiting for a game edition.

A thread dedicated to the development and discussion of the One Piece RPG, inspired by Eichiro Oda's titular work.
System building, character building, campaign building, and general advice and discussion are all welcome.

>D6 One Piece
System in progress by OPD6-anon (V0.3): https://pastebin.com/atFsdSue
There are still a few spots for pregens of Paramecia and non-DF users, although the rules are subject to change. V0.4 should be here "soon".

>One Piece RPG by The Beard
Somewhat complete system, with quite a few cool ideas, but it might need some work to get all the more recent information from the series. Also relies heavily on the GM for rulings on custom content. A more crunchy but lite take on the series.

>One Piece: Age of Pirates v6
Game developed by Hitotsunami, quite a few things missing but playable, unknown if it still being updated.

>/tg/ One Piece RPG Discord

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