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Skaven aren't real

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I have been hearing a lot of talk about Skaven lately and it's all balderdash. All of it.

Honestly. Rat-men. In the sewers. What sort of simpletons are you? How can you fall for such childish rumours?

Do not tell me you were taking that utter drivel that dribbles out of those drunken dwarfen louts at the tavern seriously. They have probably spent so long crawling through those dirty little holes of theirs, that the lack of air and having your face right in front of another dirty scoundrel's posterior has made them soft in the head.

What proof do you even have that these "Skaven" exist. Chicken scratches on a drain cover? Peasants going missing? Vermin becoming more common?

Bah, there is a hundred and one ways to explain any one of those events. You are just completely delusional.

Skaven. Are not. Real.