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I've always liked Gun Blades as a concept, but realize they are stupidly impractical which triggers my autism. What are some ways you could justify and implement such weapons in a fantasy setting?

Take this sword for example, let's say the barrel and firing mechanism is made out of some rare, super light alloy in order not to weigh down the sword part. Like mithril or whatever. Gunblades are rare in the setting, used exclusively by the guards of wealthy/powerful individuals or high ranking officers. Gun Axes and Hammers and the like are also around and more common due to the less complex construction and need for rare materials to lower weight, but still not used by everyday grunts.

Also instead of firing bullets as we know them, firearms contain an alchemical compound that allows normalfags to use basic forms of offensive magic, which just like IRL has changed warfare by making your infantry a bunch of lvl 1 wizards instead of just people with pointy sticks.