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DMing advice

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DMing question for you guys.
> players are in mine with flammable vapors that can explode them if lit
> they avoid lighting fires or using fire spells to not get exploded
> later in fight, player uses a lightning spell
> google "does electricity ignite vapors" -> yes -> OK
> accidentally ignites vapors and giant explosion nearly kills the whole party
> saves made, damage rolled
> party goes from 80% to like 20%

The actual situation is hilarious, but I'm wondering now if I should let him take it back? We had to stop right after the action was resolved on his turn because something else came up.

He casted lightning with the intention of avoiding an explosion, but didn't realize lightning would also cause a fire. I would normally have warned him beforehand, but I didn't actually think about lightning being something that would cause a fire until he used it.

So now I'm wondering, since I didn't give him a warning it would happen, whether I should retcon it, since he feels shitty for almost killing the party from his mistake.