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Why are GW fans such battered wives?

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When D&D fucked up D&D fans took their shit to competitors or stuck to their old game in droves, doing so in such numbers Paizo is still churning out their own games and made WoTC seek a new plyerbase.

When MTG fucks up MTG players invent their own formats to use the cards they have on hand and WoTC has to try to cover their bases and pander to speculators.

Even in wargaming, when Warmachine fucked up Privateer Press became a nobody overnight. When Battletech fucked up they lost the fandom, almost lost the company, and only now is CGL earning back any community goodwill.

GW fucks up and as soon as they even wave their dick in their fan's directions people jump to gobble it down. GW instead of being held accountable for their actions makes vague noises in the right direction and all is forgiven going from such a weak spot in 6th and 7th 40k to a new level of domineering now, they killed WHFB after such an abysmal joke of the End Times, people kept buying WHFB models, and are now salivating at the thought of the Old World when all we have is a title. GW hasn't even promised to be better, just said Old World is coming pack and people are lining up to forgive them.

Why the fuck are GW fans such battered wives willing to forgive and forget mistakes, make vague noises of discontent online, and then buy the newest marine release? What separates them from other fandoms who would outright abandon companies for their fuckups?