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Game culture moving away from chance and calamity to cling to safety is strangling the genre.

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>Don't kill your players, fudge the dice if you need to
>don't roll random encounters, only do set pieces
>xp by milestones is best
>don't play systems that allow players to jump or fall beyond expected power levels
>nothing should be possible that might interfere with your PLOT
>>no 'derailing', derailing is bad. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE HORROR OF PLAYERS GOING OFF THE RAILS?

every one of those is brought forward in the name of safety from derailing the game, infringing on DM's plans or god forbid someone at the table possibly not enjoying something that happens.
Every one of those is actually aimed to kill emergent gameplay
these mindsets turn games into shitty roller coaster rides, where players get to strap in and just listen, perhaps with a bit of lazy drama club in the middle

ps. if your players aren't showing worried that by end of this session their character might be dead, every single session, your game is shit.