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Player/DM Horror stories.

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>Be in highschool
>Teacher notices I'm lurking /tg/ and asks if I wanna join dnd club
>Asks if I have any experience with Pathfinder
>"H-heh of course! I've even GM'd a few games!"
>Have actually played 1 entire session before this
>"Cool, see you friday anon, we needed a second GM!"
>Study harder than I ever did for school
>Three random cool dudes, Gunslinger/Sorcerer/Cleric
>FemAutist, hero of our story, tiefling but looked human outside of horns and bright yellow eyes, bard, self titled 'Enchantress'
>Quest to hunt a large wolf-like creature that have been devouring livestock
>Head into stereotypical misty woods and start looking
>FemAutist says they must find the den
>FemAutist:"Its where the Alpha would be."
>Horror movie mode activates, loud growls, a figure moving in the darkness
>Narrate a massive beast of muscle and claw, fangs and fur standing in the moonlight
>FemAutist:"Is it male or female?"
>Me:"Uh... its male?"
>Weird but whatever, fight begins
>Decently one sided, nobody remembered to bring silver
>Gunslinger and sorcerer get a cool plan, throw a jar of gunpowder at it and set it off with spark
>Deafens the wolf and gives them a few turns to run
>FemAnon stops, and tells the others to keep going and she'll hold it here
>Party is confused, but would rather not stop to discuss this, wish her luck
>Werewolf smashes through the bushes, she gets her readied action
>"I cast unnatural lust"
>You fucking what?
>Werewolf fails
>"I put myself as the target of its lust"
>"I get down on my back and await him"
>Meanwhile, the other group is about 10 feet away at another table
>Desperately look back at the spell
>Realize she never fucking read the actual effect
>"The lycan curiously approaching and plants a few licks on your face"
>"I laugh, and kiss its muzzle, petting its head"
>Hold back vomit
>"End your turn?"
>1 round has transpired, the spell ends
>Pic related