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Creation Myths

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What created the races in your setting, or what myths elude to it? Surely they didn't evolve from fantasy monkeys, right?

In mine:

>Extradimensional alien crashlanded in a ship thousands of years ago
>The ship is impossibly, incomprehensibly powerful, but the being is trapped inside
>Decided to create a bunch of fucking retards to help him get out, but no matter what he created they couldn't free him
>Throughout hundreds of generations they spread into the overworld and forgot about him, becoming the mortal races
>Now that they've advanced, the original being, still trapped within the ship deep under the earth, is luring them back to break it free
>This has created a huge escalation in conflict as the region is now subconsciously desired by every faction
>Also kickstarted several asymmetrical wars with the tribals who never left the region like their ancestors