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Raksha Edition

>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/. good luck

>Resources for Older Editions

>Resources for Third Edition
>3E Core and Splats

>Errata for Third Edition

>Other Ex3 Resources

Hundred Devils Night Parade https://pastebin.com/iA1DYbpB
Adversaries of the Righteous https://pastebin.com/KR7zTrpe
Eclipse Charms https://pastebin.com/iezcWLqd

>Current Quixalted Extended QE Version (Fanmade Supplement)

>Optional Quixalted Exalts

Previous Thread: >>81171353

>What is your opinion on Creation's take on the Fair Folk and why? What about how they've changed over editions?
>How have your Circles interacted with the Raksha, if at all? How did they handle things?
>Which regions of Creation, outside of the edges of the Wyld, of course, is one most likely to encounter Fae in, and why?
>Besides the Divine Heritage Merit, what Merits would be appropriate for a Fae-Blooded PC in 3E? What about ideas for how their parents would have met and other backstory details?