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Path of Exile 2e

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Hello /tg/, I'm trying to convert Path of Exile into a campaign for the Pathfinder 2nd edition but I think this discussion can be appropriated for other fantasy d20 system. I'm trying to find a way to translate the skill gems present in the game into a mechanically sound feature. Basically for those not in the know, the skill gems are called "Virtue Gems" by the inhabitants of this game's world is mined off the mountains in an area called Highgate, where deeper still a creature known as "The Beast" sleeps. Virtue Gems are refined versions of those mined and allows humans to cast spells depending on the type of gem it is and activated through being embedded into a tool.

Now, I could just swap the runes of 2E with virtue gems, but relegating them into static bonuses and situational abilities won't do it justice so I have a few proposals. First is that Gems functions as known spells in this game that can be used by either using spell slots or 1/3rd of character levels for non casters. Second is to make them function like Pearl of Power with a set spell inside that can be cast limited times per day. Lastly is that skill gems acts as containers for class feats and abilities that the players can tap into.

I also had considered removing Cleric, Champion and Druids due to the nature of divinity in the game's lore. What do you guys think?