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What the actual fuck?

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Post stories about absolute weidos in your games, doesn't have to be about how they ruined your campaign, it can just be autists and retards doing weird shit.

>be me, stock elf ranger in test session on discord
>be not me, DM, orc fighter, kenku rouge, tabaxi druid, warforged something
>everything is going fine
>kenku rouge asks if he can flavor his short swords as dual wielding katanas
>DM tells him that wouldn't really work, pauses, and just says it's fine since it's just flavor
>rouge suddenly gets pissy
>proceed to listen in awe as he has a ten minute debate over how he trains with dual katanas
>we then hear crashing sounds
>wearing dirty youtuber merch
>proceeds to grab two katanas under his bed and begins spinning them around like batons
>he nearly cuts his nose off at least 5 times, and definitely nicks his leg
>DM then proceeds panic and sucks his dick off about his skills to stop us from being implicated in manslaughter
>session continues as normal until the guy leaves because
>"That's more blood than normal, gtg, sorry guys"