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LEVIATHAN, Empires of Sacred Oil & Broken Stone, Part 18

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This is a crowd sourced endeavour to create a setting and ttrpg.

What was produced is pic related, the setting of LEVIATHAN, the World of Sacred Oil and Broken Stone. The purpose of this thread is to organize to continue filling out the Lore Document, congregate for map making, and for developing an RPG system for this setting.

The story of the world is emergent, being developed as we discuss and explore concepts in the setting. But at its core Leviathan is a world in the grips of change, caught between progress as the industrial revolution marches onward and primordial powers of the gods beneath and the monolith. Leviathan tells the story of a world in flux and those who can make use of such a world to exact great change. Leviathan has you take on the role of those cast out by more organized society, disgraced professors, discharged marines, nomadic tribesmen, wandering pilgrims, and more as they navigate the conflicts of Lapsaria.

The core world conflicts in the modern day are:
>The rebellion at Capri Bay, a uprising among the military over the terms of the mysterious Bargain between the Lapsarian royalty and the Gods Beneath.
>The Durite Campaign, a push by the Lapsarian military to take control of the vast and rich Durite Steppe on their eastern border.
>The Worker's Revolt, a constant ebb and flow of sentiment between the tycoons of the industrial world and those workers organizing for their rights and liberty.

Lore Dump Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RjU2GkiDq5tJ8Ih9A9LxyHhC3cvmQANYG579UDgxuOM/edit?usp=sharing
RPG System: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kV4IkD7O2qFX6C0YYZQ78SBqpcJv07uy72ow-Mcvt3g/edit?usp=sharing

Last thread: >>82297046

Ongoing Discussions:
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> Completion of the Sunset Islands Compass
> Status of the Southern Vast in broad terms