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Now is the Trying

Before, the world of Airth was once lush and bountiful. Man flourished upon the globe and peace ruled. As technology advanced, man was emboldened, but grew suspicious of his fellow man. A reckoning was inevitable, and as time dwindled, war began.

War never changes. But the world was never the same after the Cataclysm.

The land broke apart below the battle lines. Oceans drained away as the mountains split and the land was as eggshells over a tumultuous void. The nations split apart in geographical armistice, forced partition of peace through necessity of the skies invading the void between flying islands. Trailing bits of the world stuck to the streams of Æther on the pins and patchwork skies, suspended by the fantastic material of Ætherite. A blue stone that works wonders when struck with electricity, magnetism, or the exotic radiations of the scientific world.

Below this brave new sky frontier lay the Underworld, and the Cthonics. Ancient Kingdoms of dwarves claiming lineage as old as the god-king founders! Kobolds, canny and tribal, bristling with battle fever and homes warrened with traps! And the beastial Gnomes, apelike and staring with their spidery limbs and lantern-wide eyes.