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Russian Civil War Homebrew Game

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Yesterday, there was a thread about the Russian Civil War, and it got me interested in running a homebrew campaign on it. The basic idea was having to roleplay characters in a somewhat post-apocalyptic sense, in that players need to manage resources like food, bullets and other essentials for their village, and deal with other militias from the various factions that sprung up after October Revolution. I was hoping for the combat to have a heavy emphasis on strategy but I'm afraid of making a game too complicated for any of my friends to learn and play. So, my question is two-old:

1.Is there a strategy-focused military-sim that also has character creation and roleplay elements, not to mention diplomacy for the other factions?

2.If there are none and I'm making this myself, what kind of system or systems would be best for the aforementioned list that I gave?