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Quadratic fighters.

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People always comment on how fighters in D&D 3.5e and 5e scale linnearly vs magic users that scale quadratically do to an inceease in spells slots per level in additoon to acaling spell effects. Is there a way to make a game where fighters scale aggressively as well? Is there a game that does this already?

I had this thought while watching a bolywood film recently. Western watchers looking at a bollywood film might ask "why can their heroes do such ridiculous things with no explanation?". I think we have it backwards. They may look at our movies and say "why do you need to explain why a hero does superhuman things, he's a hero so he just does".

With that in mind why not have fighters that at higher levels can wrestle a titan, not with magic, but shear heroism? Why not have fighters evolve into warriors that can single handedly destroy entire armies with a fruit knife by force of will alone? Can you do this without just having magic but different? Vidya games like divinity that treat martial abilities as another type of magic abilities are fun but somehow its not quite what I'm imagining.