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How to design a game for girls (not troll nor bait thread)

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I've read enough about female psychology, writing and female game design books to come to the following conclusions.

>All playable characters must be girls, not a single dude, hopefully of multiple skin colors/races
>They get free attention from npc simps of average manlet dudes
>They have a love interest of a tall handsome dude who happens to be secretely rich
>There's not game over, instead you get stuck in the game and cant progress
>Enemies don't move, but can attack
>There's mechanics of farming
>There's puzzles
>There's mechanics of gathering stuff like popping static balloons
>You end up as a poor farm girl, but end up married to a rich high status guy by the end of the story
>The villain is an evil queen who simbolizes your bitch mother
>There's some master who grant you the tools to win the game, hopefully is a granny (represents the wisdom of age)
>There's simbology using flowers or other shit of your first period (traditionally use roses being punctured their thorns)
>You have magical animal and support friends along the way who solves the dificult shit
>Everything uses simple inputs
>Everything dificult is auto win after a few failed attempts
>The tutorial is like a mobile tutorial, there's not text, only some icon with a hand telling you where to go or what to press or what to do
>There's really not secret mechanics you need to discover, everything is told using a cute manual that resembles a HS kids notebook with teenager text
>Gameplay is basically playing support/healer and using non direct forms of combat
>Enemies can't hurt you
>Nobody loses, everyone wins, this includes the enemies and npcs as well the player
>There's no gore, except it looks like hello kitty version of mortal kombat
>Everyone is nice, but there's always some assholes (rivals, villains)

This are my conclusions about making a game for girls.

>but this sounds like boring awful shit
that means you're a guy, and that's good, because you were born with XY and will never be a woman.