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Wargames and skirmish games

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So I've been thinking of getting into wargames or skirmish games at my local club recently, but I'm a bit lost as to which one to pick. There's a lot of options out there and the buy-in is a big commitment, so I'd like to get some info beforehand. Some of the games I'm aware of and/or interested in:
>40k and AoS
>Kings of War
>Kill Team and Warcry
>Star Wars Legion
>MESBG, I guess
>[Your underrated skirmish/wargame of choice that you want more converts for]
Not that interested in historicals as a concept, but I could be persuaded. So, is there anywhere one can compare and contrast all of these and the rest of the field? Which ones do you guys think are more fun to play, easier to get into (from a rules, modeling or buy-in cost perspective), mechanically deeper, have better models or better setting and lore? Many thanks.