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Is Age of Sigmar actually dying off?

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Second Edition really saved the game from the laughing stock its first attempt was. It revitalised a bunch of WHFB armies that only felt like begrudged holdovers to keep players in 1st edition and the whole Malign Portents deal really drew people in.

But over the last two years they have constantly shit the bed. From obvious goofs like trying to balance the game like a videogame esport while massively supporting two armies and giving the rest a single model or fuck all to rule changes like coherency that many felt broke too many armies and in general there has been a decline in online traffic, views and interactions along with tournaments having to downsize.

To say the game is not as healthy as it was in 2nd is an obvious statement. Right from the "s-selling fast, only 3000 copies!" starter box shit that still didn't sell out till like its 7th month on the shelves and criticisms of putting out "primaris stormcast" for a already bloated army line rather than something new felt off. Along with cutting short a series of update books that in the worst case was out for a couple of weeks before its legality on the tabletop became questionable.

But nowadays even the diehards that make warhammer their whole identity online have dropped the game for stuff like Necromunda or tabletop games like Call of Cthulhu or Pathfinder. With any cross media attempts like videogame or card game ties in swiftly dying after release.

Without shitposting or neckbeard corpo brand defend how are you honestly feeling about Age of Sigmar in 2022?