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BFG: Where space marines suck.

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I play Battlefleet Gothic, and today, I will share just one reason why I love this game.

Space marines suck.

Well that's not entirely true. They can WIN a game, but they have about as much forgiveness as your average Tau 40k army. If you screw up, even once, you lose.

Why does GW's hump-buddy-cash-cow suck so hard here?

Because at this scale, they are insignificant. Their strike cruisers and battle barges are not designed for fleet battle, and every single other fleet in the game is capable of breaking them in half.

My Imperial navy, crewed by normal humans, is currently undefeated against them, My tau fleet consistently breaks their ships in half with torpedo and bomber waves. My Eldar can fly circles around them and my chaos are untouchable at long range. Every time i watch a tyranid cruiser crush them like a tin can under their claws, I feel that an angel has gained wings.

At this scale, your precious space puppies are no better then any other chapter. You get access to nothing special, and compared to any other major force you are the very height of small-time.

Space marine fleets are usually comprised of one or two barges, and anywhere between six and ten strike cruisers. This is compared to the thousands of Tau vessels, and the tens-of-thousands of Imperial Navy. Any one force in the game can exterminate an entire chapter if they had the chance.

Play BFG, where your battles actually matter.