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If one is planning to play in an MGLN game and the party has a healer, fighter, other fighter who is a space gypsy acrobat, and a scientist who uses space and time to fuck y'all shit, does /tg/ think the following is acceptable to play?

*Name and Rank: Private Talas, Gi
*History: (Good [+2] Military Brat)
*Spellcasting School: (Good [+2] Modern Belkan)
*Stated Goal: (Good [+2] Become a famous heroine!~)
*Primary Skill: (Good [+2] Illusory Magic)
*Other Noteworthy Skills:
**Diluka (Good [+2] Device)
*** Primary (Good [+2] Marvelous Aegis)
*** Secondary (Good [+2] Blast Spiker)
*** Tertiary (Average [+0] Hand Mirror)
**Good [+2] Acrobatics
**Good [+2] Grappling
Unbound; When Wounded
Illusory Magic: Dodge
Illusory Magic:
*Points of Concern: Foible: Proud
*Miscellaneous Information:
***Green haired, tan skinned. She is a stiff sort of girl, who smiles slowly and laughs loudly.
***Gi is the youngest of a family that has distinguished itself with proud military service. In her youth, she was considered a prodigy, one capable of surpassing her peers easily. However, an accident in training nearly crippled her left arm and left her unfit for duty for a few years.
***It was through strong will and pure pride that she recovered both use of her arm and her overall ability. She re-qualified rather handily. It became her goal in life to be living proof that nothing could stop a strong will...even if that meant she had to become famous for it.